Thursday, October 14, 2004

one liners

I was experimenting recently with one liners (with photos) - you can view them here and your thoughts are welcome:
  • one liners

  • -Sangeet


    Blogger duchamp said...

    Hanging downwards: the weight of her beauty

    out of all four, i think this one works the best...without the picture, it has a double meaning of course...even with the picture, i received the other image in my head in any case...

    the three below seem more like titles than haiku...although they could be expanded a bit. they would take some percolation...

    doorways: look, linger, enter or exit ?

    a tree on a journey

    the clouds: pausing for a moment

    5:39 PM  
    Blogger sangeet said...

    You're right John - I don't think they work as Haiku - I was after some captions - and decided on the minimal, haiku approach..

    I'm not sure that the first one works (photo of the rose) without the caption ..

    still percolating :)

    TQ for the feedback..

    1:11 PM  

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